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There was a time long ago when Art, Science, Spirituality, and Technology were practiced in concert. Mankind made monumental breakthroughs. Science, Art, Spirituality, and Technology were once all a part of one exploration.
— Reverend Brig Feltus, BMSc

Your happiness and peace of mind depend on aligning all three planes of your existence.  The mind/body/soul temple must be maintained.  Enter The Temple at the Intersection and do some "Temple Maintenance" with Reverend Brig Feltus, BMSc and other Master Teachers.  Align mind, body, and spirit through lifestreams, group coaching circles, various healing and well-being modalities, movement and meditation practices, and one-on-one metaphysical counseling!

May we reMember what we once knew, before we forgot who we were.
— ReMember Institute Motto

At ReMember Institute you can explore the history of metaphysics, learn about the 7 principles of hermeticism, take online courses in results-oriented spiritual applications for manifesting your desires in the physical plane, and so much more!